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Superfoods for Pets: Fish Oil

Posted on June 16, 2018 at 7:15 PM Comments comments ()

This article taken from petnet......

Fish oil is a common supplement owners add to their pet’s food, and with good reason. In both cats and dogs, fish oil promotes a healthy heart, strong joints, clear skin and a shiny coat. The supplement contains both EPA and DHA, two omega-3 fatty acids your pet’s body needs to function that also provide plentiful health benefits.

An anti-inflammatory

EPA and DHA come from fish like salmon, albacore tuna, and mackerel. These essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatories that help ease conditions causing inflammation of the heart, joints, kidneys, and skin. Less inflammation means less pain and swelling in your furry friend and a happier, more comfortable life. These fatty acids also lessen inflammation from allergies, reducing itchy skin and dandruff in your cat or dog.

Healthy cognitive and eye development

DHA, in particular, promotes good brain and eye development in puppies, so feeding fish oil to pregnant or nursing dogs can improve the health of their litter.

How to feed fish oil to your pet

You can give your pet fish oil in either a capsule or liquid form. If your pet doesn’t seem to want to eat a capsule (and seems more interested in batting it around his bowl) try puncturing a hole in it and squeezing the oil onto their kibble. The fishy flavor can also help spark your pet’s appetite if they have difficulty eating, and get them more interested in their kibble.

The Petnet team advises you serve one capsule of 1500 mg fish oil for dogs that weigh 20 pounds or more. Smaller pets should receive lower doses. Consult with your veterinarian and decide the right amount to give your specific pet.

There are lots of great fish oil supplement brands to choose from for your pet, like Nordic Naturals. If you’ve already realized the benefits of fish oil for humans and happen to take supplements yourself, you can give the same kind to Fluffy or Sparky – so long as you give them the right amount. Depending on the dosage, larger dogs can be given a capsule or two of fish oil meant for humans. For smaller dogs and cats, squeeze a little oil from a capsule and take the rest yourself.


Whenever you introduce a new ingredient to your pet’s diet, start slowly. It’s best to try a little of the supplement and work your way up to a higher dosage after observing how your pet reacts to the oil. There is no toxicity in fish oil, but if you give your pet more than they can easily absorb, they may get diarrhea or other unpleasant side effects. You want your pet to reap the benefits of fish oil without upsetting their tummy.

If you’re looking for an excellent kibble featuring our spotlighted ingredient, we recommend you try 1st Choice Nutrition All Breeds Sensitive Skin & Coat: Lamb, Fish & Brown Rice. Petnet takes great care to review recipes we think are uber healthy for your pet and share our findings. Take a peek at out our detailed breakdown of the recipe. You deserve to know what’s in your pet’s food, and we care about your pet.

Why Hire Us? Dog Poop Destroys Your Lawn

Posted on May 28, 2018 at 8:15 PM Comments comments ()


Your lawn needs nitrogen to be healthy. Dog waste is rich in nitrogen. YES, both your dogs pee and poop is very rich in something..............nitrogen. which your lawn needs. Well done, pooches! And thank you for the genourous gifts of nitrogen- filled poop that you daily bestow upon the lawn! Because it must be good for the lawn, then, right?  Right??  Not so fast!

The observant dog owner may notice that dog waste actually produces dead or burn spots all over the lawn. That is because dog waste is just a little TOO rich in nitrogen. All plants need this building block in order to thrive but according to GreenerGreenGrassOrganicLawnCare Blog "Too much nitrogen can cause a 'burning ' effect, killing the grass." So no, Sir are our dogs doing us any great favor. Sorry!

Dog urine does the most damage to lawns because it is often, "bestowed" in a very concentrated area (expecially by dogs who squat.) And because of it's liquid form, it dissolves and does not damage very quickly. Luckily, dog poop is a little less harmful because it takes longer to break down and deposit it's nitrogen into your lawn. But on the other hand, it starves the grass below it of both air and sunlight until it is removed.

Dr. Steve Thompson, DVM, wrote an in depth article about dog- caused lawn burn for canine Practice, His focus, though is on urine as he notes: "Since stools are usually solid, owners have the option of frequent manual removal. With more time for the nitrogen waste to dissolve into the lawns less than urine." We have witnessed this throughout our years as Professional Pooper Scoopers.Spots that are browned and dried underneath a pile of poop one week look significantly healthier and recovered the next. They just needed a breather!

So all you need to do to increase lawn protection against dog-caused nitrogen burns is to go pick up your dog's poop on a regular basis. In addition to answering emails, cooking, dinners, managing family schedules, taking the car for an oil change, grocery shopping, paying the bills, the gym.......gardening........etc....

Or you contact us to do it for you. Your lawn will breath easier and thank you for it!

The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services


Pets and Chocolate Candy

Posted on October 28, 2017 at 2:30 PM Comments comments ()

Should My Dog Have Chocolate?

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and depending on the type and amount of chocolate consumed and the weight of your dog, it could cause a serious medical emegency. If your dog ate a small amount of milk chocolate, you don't necessarily need to panic.

Why Chocolate is Toxic To Dogs

Chocolate contains both theobromine and caffeine, both which can speed the heart rate and stimulate the nervous system of dogs. The risk of your dog becoming sick from ingesting chocolate depends on the type and amount of chocolate consumed and the weight of the dog.

Here are a few types of chocolate listed in order of theobromine content:

1. CoCoa powder (most toxic)

2. Unsweetend Baker's Chocolate 

3. Semisweet Chocolate

4. Dark Chocolate

5. Milk Chocolate

6.White Chocolate ( not very toxic)

What are the signs of Chocolate Poisoning?

Signs of chocolate poisoning usually appear within 6 to 12 hours after your dog has eaten it, may last up to 72 hours, and include the following:

1. Vomiting

2. Diarrhea

3. Restlessness

4. Increased Urination


6. Elevated or abnormal heart rate

7. Seizures

8. Collapse and Death

If you believe your dog ate chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately and or call the Pet Poison Control Helpline

(855-213-6680) for advise.

Customer Service

Posted on July 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM Comments comments ()

When a customer makes a purchase, they're not just paying you for the product or service they're walking away with. They're paying for the service they receive from the moment they show an intrest in what you have to offer to the moment they shell out their hard - earned cash -and beyond.

Think of every interaction you or your employees have with a customer- wether before, during, or after a purchase or service - as an investment.

When you invest in providing the very best service to each and every one of your customers, you make it that much easier for them to feel comfortable in returning to your company the next time they're in need.

Aditionally, by actually rewarding your customers for continuing to do business with your company, you not only increase the chances that they'll remain loyal, but you also make them more likely tp recommend your services to others.

We strive here at The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied every time, every service.

Our business is because of OUR customers! We thank you and appreciate your continued support. 

Our Loyalty program help supports our customers in rewarding free services for referrals. Thank you!

Why is Flea and Tick Prevention Important?

Posted on July 8, 2017 at 2:40 PM Comments comments ()


  "Flea and tick prevention keeps your pet healthy. Your pet won't pick up tapeworms or have flea bites that cause itching misery and flea allergy dermatitis. In addition, you can help prevent diseases that fleas and ticks carry such as Lyme Disease, ehrlichie, Rocky Moutain spotted fever and tick paralysis."

A quick way to remove live fleas shampoo your pet in a Dawn Liquid detergent solution. Soak pet, lather, leave on for 5 minutes, wash, and rinse. Repeat as nessacary. The dawn will kill the fleas that are on the pet. This is a temporary relief. Summer time when it is hot outside the fleas tend to be awake and active.

Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid a run - in with fleas, the most common dog parasites. Even with regular bathing and grooming the critters can find their way to the tender flesh of unsuspecting dogs (and dog owners). The blood suckers not only don't pay rent, they cause itching, and can transmit diseases to their host.

Happily controlling fleas has become much simpler, safer, and more effective in the last few years, If your dog is continuously itching and scratching it's your first clue he/she has fleas.

It's time to spray the yard, house, and protect your fur family with a tick and flea preventive product.

1. ADAMS -







Hope this is helpful!

5 Important Reasons to Clean Up Pet Waste

Posted on April 8, 2017 at 10:40 AM Comments comments ()

Dealing with pet waste is one of those topics that every pet owner must deal with but no one likes to talk about. The fact is that the majority of community and neighborhood pet problems result from the inappropriate handeling of pet waste. In addition, pet waste is the greatest source of potential health risk for your pet and your family. This article will highlight the five most important reasons to properly dispose of pet waste and will also give you some tips and products to make this chore easier.

#1. Disease Control

There are several very common diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, cats and people through feces. These include giardia, roundworms, salmonella, and Ecoli. In addition, your dog can spread or contract parvovirus or coronavirus through infected feces. Dog feces will damage and harbor unwanted harmful parasites, bacteria, and pest. Dog waste can Team up with other bacteria which can cause serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, and diarrhea in humans. When humans or animals come into contact with the soil through every-day activities like walking barefoot, gardening, or playing, they risk infection from those eggs..... All of these diseases are very serious and common and EVERY effort should be made by pet owners to keep their pets and family away from potentially infected feces. "POOP" doesn't just wash away or "Disappear" If  your not disposing of your dogs waste, then you are putting yourself, your family, your dog, and YOUR WATER SUPPLY at risk!

Twenty years ago, the EPA classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant.

The CDC confirms pet waste can spread parasites including Hookworms, Ringworms, Tapeworms,Roundworms, Salmonella, and Ecoli.

One of the easiest ways to do this task is to hire a Pet Waste Removal Company like The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services. 

#2. Making your Yard more Useable

Nobody likes to walk through a yard that is hiding "doggie land mines" If you and your children are afraid to use your yard because of the dog, then you are wasting one of your biggest time and finacial invetments. In addition, the pets will get less intractive excercise and suffer as well. Once a day, once or twice a week "Scooping" of your yard will make it a place where everyone enjoys spending time.

#3. Fly Control

Flies will consume and lay eggs in feces. These same flies will then come into your house and then spread disease as they pause on your counter and food. Need I say more about keeping feces up to prevent this cycle?

#4. Responsible Pet Ownership

Your responsibility to clean up after your pet doesn't end when your dog leaves your yard. There are probably fewer things that aggravate neighbors more than a dog that 'goes' in their yard. Pet owners need to clean up after their pets every time they go to the bathroom. Period! No exceptions. If you are walking in the neighborhood, pick up with a plastic bag. If you don't have a yard, then walk your dog on a leash or hire a dog walker from The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services. Don't make your responsibility somebody else's problem.

#5. Preventing Stool Eating

While most dog owners think this doesn't apply to them or their dog, the shocking truth is that most dogs will engage in this unsavory practice at some point in their life.Dogs evolved as carnivore/scavengers and feces were considered fair game in lean times. To prevent this occasional indiscretion from becoming a life-long habit, clean up feces as soon as possible, especially in young dogs where the problem is most prevalent.

At the first sign of this bad habit consider adding an oral product like Dis-Taste to your dog's food to decrease the palatability of the stools.

We will come to your home, your community, and work together on Keeping our families safe, and OUR Water Supply safer.

Call or Text us today.... The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services - 713-502-7175

Getting a puppy?

Posted on April 1, 2017 at 10:05 AM Comments comments ()

You have been planning this for a long time, maybe years, and now it's finally time to bring home a new puppy! You have checked your new puppy checklist and you're certain that you're ready. You have stocked up with all things puppy, dog food, treats, toys, crate, bedding, shampoo, hair brushes, blankets. You have programmed in your phone a trainer, groomer, pet sitter, dog walker, and a vetranarian. 

You double checked to make sure the cabinet is full of dog food because puppies eat a lot of  food and that also means puppies poop ALOT!

We are talking piles upon piles of puppy poop. ..We are talking your yard is about to turn into puppy poop bombs all over the yard. Watch out you just might slip into one! Maybe you have bought a poop rake, some disposable bags, or maybe a Big shovel?  You find that maybe this was more poop to pick up then you have time for? Maybe you were picking it up but your schedule has taken you away and now your back yard has become a MINDSWEEPER or bending over isn't so easy on your back. Maybe you find it to be so disgusting and the yard is too big to pick it all up?

There is HELP! Poop scooping companies like The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services can come to your rescue! We pick the poop up so you don't have to. We pickup the poop and haul it away as if it was never there. By having a poop scooping service your pet will have a clean and healthy environment. Your yard and family will not have to be concerned about stepping in it and the lawn man will Thank You!

We are reliable and trusted by each of our customers. And Best of all ...we are incredibly affordable at services starting as little as $12.00 per a week. So do not get caught up in picking up your dogs pet waste...... contact us and we will gladly come to your rescue!

Contact The Poop Squad Today  713-502-7175

What's the POOP?

Posted on January 22, 2017 at 4:45 PM Comments comments ()

What's In That POOP?

One of the services we offer our poop scooping clients is not only giving them a clean yard for their fur babies to play in, but elminating the possibility of fecus being tracked into the home. We also can alert our pet parents on a pets health.

A few weeks have gone by and we noticed one of our clients dogs had tape worms filled in in their stools, and some runny poop throuh-out the yard. These dogs, couldn't tell their mom and dad that they were sick and not feeling well.

Lucky for our client that he has a poop scooping service who services his yard twice a week and the experience to know what was wrong and report it to him. Often times we see socks, paper towels, and other non carnivore debris in the stools. These are all telling signs that an animal is bored, or getting into mischief. All of these items could cause blockages if consumed in enough volume to block the anus from elimination.

Even if you hire a professional, take a walk outside and see what your dogs are up to- it could help save their life!

We would like you to know that dog poop is really gross, it is filled with so many pest and parasites! We see it every day...filled with flies,magets,worms, all kinds of crawlers.

Choose The Poop Squad Pet Waste Removal & Pet Sitting Services to come pickup and remove your pets poop for you! It is so worth it!!

Is Dog Poop Good Fertilizer?

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 5:30 PM Comments comments ()

Can I use Dog Poop as Fertilizer?

In an effort to be green, dog owners have longed considered using dog poop as Fertilizer. Unfortunately reusing dog poop as fertilizer leads to retinal diseases in children. In a paper written by an Extension Veterinarian and Extension Soil Scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, they indicated "two major concerns to bring to your attention: Public Health Aspect, Fertilizer Values."

Given that cattle manure is considered the standard fertilizer, the vet and scientist compared dog poop with cattle manure to determine it's potential application to lawns and gardens. They determined that dog poop has 2- 1/2 times as much nitrogen and half as much potash as cattle poop, meaning dog poop won't provide the same fertilizing as cow manure.

The other concern reported by experts is the potential health concerns of the people exposed to the dog poop. They stated "both dog and cat manure may contain organisms that cause human health problems."  The most common hazard in dog poop is "large roundworms, called Toxocara canis."

What kind of symptoms would a person have who is infected by dog worms?

1) A condition called Visceral Larval Migrans. the ascarid eggs hatch in a person's small intestine. The little worms or larvae get into the blood stream and float to the liver and get into the blood stream that goes to the lungs. Some may enter the general circulation and end up in different parts of the body. They have been found in the human heart, brain, spinal cord, skin, and other tissues. The symptoms would vary depending on where the larvae become attached.

2) Another conditionis called Ocular Larval Migrans. The immature ascarid worms or larvae can effect the human eye. The larvae attack the retinal and cause blindness. Many eyes of children have had to be removed which until recently was the only treatment for this problem.

In a pediatric hospital 37% of all the retinal diseases of children's eye were positive for dog ascarid larvae. This is definitely a potential human health hazard.

They also considered the benefit of composting the manure to sterilize it but determined that, in order to sterilize the poop the compost heat temperature would need to exceed 165F for almost a week and "backyard compost heaps rarely reach this temperature, and the outer several inches never do."

These results led the Vet and soil Scientist to conclude.

There are many sites online that will tell you how to compost dog poop for fertilizer. Reflect on the fact that using dog poop as fertilizer leads to retinal diseases in children and if you still want to move forward, please pay particular attention to the Soil Scientist's statement about needing to reach 165F for at least five days. An alternative is to eliminate your dogs poop and mantain a green home!

The health hazards associated with Cat and Dog Poop are greater than the potential benefit from it's fertilizer value. Cat and Dog poop should be disposed of by flushing it down the toilet in ends up in or water supply.

You can bury it deep into the soil(six inches or more) or place in tight plastic bags for the garbage collection. 

I recommend you let the proffesionals come scoop the poop, clean your cat boxes, and remove the poop from your home. That's the safest!


We will keep your yard GREEN and POOP free. We will pick up and remove from your property! 

Why wait?